Datacolor Spyder Checkr Photo

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Spyder Checkr Photo offers Datacolor’s most comprehensive collection of color targets, to date, in a unique, ultra-matte finish for incomparable color accuracy and depth. It’s compact, yet rugged – perfect for tossing into your camera bag or pocket, whether you’re on-the-go or on location. Streamline post-production workflow within Adobe Lightroom Classic®, Adobe Camera RAW® or Hasselblad Phocus®.

How it Works

Using your camera’s RAW format, take a reference shot of the color target cards in the lighting/setting of your photo shoot. Then import your reference shot into Adobe Lightroom Classic®, Adobe Camera RAW® or Hasselblad Phocus® to edit the image. From there, use your Spyder Checkr software to create an HSL preset from your edited reference shot to use for your shoot and across multiple camera systems.

Expanded Tonality

Spyder Checkr Photo offers 62 color targets in 4 interchangeable cards, including 24 standard colors, 6 skin tones, a 24-step grey scale and 2 large grey targets, for easy white/grey balancing, plus 3 white adjustments and 3 black adjustments for exceptionally precise tonality.

Align Multiple Camera Systems

Easy alignment of multiple camera systems - including DSLR, Smartphones, drones, Action Cams, - make Spyder Checkr Photo a must-have for Event Photography, such as weddings, parties and more.

Flawless Skin Tones, Color Perfection

Precise color is critical for Portrait, Studio, Fashion and Product photography, and this is where Spyder Checkr Photo’s comprehensive color targets are invaluable. Get exact matches to product and brand colors, plus capture the subtle color nuances needed for rich, natural looking skin tones.
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