• Godox WH-M1 langaton mikrofoni

Godox WH-M1 langaton mikrofoni

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Godox's WH-MI is a handheld wireless transmitter that's ready to work with your WMicS1 wireless system. Featuring UHF, the WMicS1 wireless system helps to avoid ambient sound or feedback. Built to withstand the rigors of live performance , this handheld transmitter is truly a reliable choice for interview, meeting and lecture, or any other application that requires mobility plus a clear sound.

Extended UHF Range

UHF wireless system works to minimie pick-up of unwanted noise.96 compatible channels give more options to bypass signal interferences or dropouts.

Rock-Solid Construction

Designed to fit comfortably in hand, this all-metal transmitter provides a rugged dependability.

One-Click Mute

For public speaking applications, an integrated mute switch eliminates unwanted sounds when mic is not in use.

Easy-to-Read Display

High visibility OLED display lets you see the operating co ditions accurately in real time, even under bright sunlight.

Extended Duration

Powered by 2 AA batteries, the WH-MI can works up to 8 hours, letting you to concentrate on your delivery.
Group: A/B
Channels: 96 (Group A 48; Group B 48)
Frequency Range: 514MHz - 596MHz
Oscillator Type: Crystal Controlled PPL Synthesizer
Frequency Respose: 40Hz-18KHz
Voice Delay: 12ms
Antenna: 1/4λ
Power Supply: Two AA batteries
Operating Temperature 0-40 C
Signal to Noise Ratio: 70dB
Dimensions: 260 x 55x 55mm
Weight: 345g (without batteries)
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