Godox Witstro AD600Pro

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AD600Pro All-In-One Outdoor Flash has 600Ws strong power, 0.01-1s recycle time, 12 continuous flashes in 1/16 power output, 38W LED modelling lamp, 360 full power pops, stable color temperature (changes within +/- 75K over the entire power range in color temperature mode). AD400Pro is compatible with TTL auto flash systems of multi-brand cameras.

Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X System with Great Compatibility
With built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system, AD400Pro is compatible with Canon E-TTL II, Nikon i-TTL autoflash, Sony, FUJIFILM, Olympus and Panasonic TTL autoflash system. Support for 1/8000s high-speed sync. With master & slave function, AD600Pro can use in combination with Godox TTL camera flash, TTL outdoor flash, etc.

Supports to Install Different Kinds of Accessories by Replacing its Adapter Ring
With specially designed New Godox-mount to install lighter and more portable accesories which can be used in combination. Provided with a Bowens-mount adapter ring to install Bowens-mount accesories. Purchase adapter rings of other brands to replace more accesories e.g. Broncolor, Profoto, Elinchrom, etc.

Two Power Supply Methods with Great Flexibility
Professional lithium battery pack has large capacity (28.8V/2600mAh) to provide 360 full power flashes and recycle in 0.01-1 second. Adopt AC26 AC power source to achieve AC-DC dual-purpose.

Godox AD600Pro review
Incl. AD600Pro flash, battery, charger, Bowens-adapter
Warranty 12 months
Godox equipment purchased from Fimeko are serviced in Finland

Max energy    600 Ws       
Energy range    9 f-stops, 3-600Ws
Recycling time    0.01-0.9s      
Flash Duration 1/10100s - 1/220s       
TTL    Yes       
HSS    Yes       
Modeling light               
Lamp type    LED 38W     
Input power supply    Lithium battery for AD600Pro (28.8V/2600mAh)
Battery capacity    Up to 360 full power flashes   
Wireless connectivity            
XPro   Yes, compatible with all Godox XPRo Remotes       
Supported XPro features    Flash sync, Remote control, TTL, High Speed Sync       
XPro range    0.5-100 m   
Additional connections            
Firmware upgrade    USB-C port for firmware upgrades       
Sync socket(s)    Yes, 3,5mm miniplug   
Length    25.0cm         
Width    12.8 cm         
Height    14.5 cm          
Weight    3.4 kg including battery
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