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  • Hasselblad 210/4 HC - käytetty laite

Hasselblad 210/4 HC - käytetty laite

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Käytetty objektiivi siistissä kunnossa. Kuvattu 3600. Hinta sisältää arvonlisäveron.

A universal telephoto lens with outstanding performance, the HC 4/210's longer focal length is excellent for tightly framed shots, enabling a shallow depth-of-field to be used to make the main subject noticeably stand out. The HC 210mm is a superior telephoto lens that features our advanced internal focus mechanism, making it an ideal choice for hand-held location work in portrait, fashion, nature, and commercial photography.

The counterpart to the classic 135mm lens in 35mm photography comes in the form of the HC 4/210 – a telephoto lens with outstanding performance. Its focal length is effective in both portraiture and landscape photography, generating that slightly compacted, typical telephoto perspective.

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