Hasselblad CPL Suodin 72mm

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Määrä: kpl

Hasselblad CPL Filters are effective in eliminating reflection, making it an indispensable accessory for landscape and urban photography. Meeting Hasselblad’s stringent optical standards and ultra-high requirements for quality, the filters are a perfect match for Hasselblad lenses, elevating any creative tool kit.

Made with SCHOTT B 270® glass and high-quality polarising film with ultra-low light reflectance, the filters are over 99.9% effective at polarising light, eliminating almost all reflections. Put together with seamless adhesive processing. The optical glass brings a sharp camera view and clear imagery.

Anti-reflection (AR) coating processing introduces more light with less reflection. Nanocoating is used to make the filter water and oil-resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-static, prolonging the service life and allowing the filter to effortlessly cope with harsh outdoor environments.

With moderate colour temperature and low colour deviation, the filters eliminate unwanted UV light while retaining rich, true-to-life details for landscape photography.

Compatibility 72mm XCD 2,5/38V, XCD 2,5/55V, XCD 2,5/90V


Polarization Rate: > 99.9%
Coating: AR nanocoating
Weight: 13g (62mm) / 14g (67mm) / 16g (72mm) / 18g (77mm)
Height: 6.5mm (when mounted to lens, the part outside the lens is 4.5mm in height)
Filter Frame Material: Aluminium magnesium alloy
Other Features: Water and oil-resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-static.
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