Hasselblad Flextight X1

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The Flextight X1 model should serve most photographers’ needs. Quality is unsurpassed, it is fast and it can take care of most kinds of originals. And, as with any other scanner in this family, it is easy to use.


* Optical sensor: CCD (3x8000)
* Original type: Neg/Pos
* Color depth: 16 bit
* Auto frame detection: Yes
* Auto focus: Yes
* Batch scanning: Yes
* Batch- and slide feeder compatibility: No
* Interface: Firewire
* Platform: PC/Mac
* Dmax: 4,6
* Film format: 120x245 mm
* Reflection: No
* Active cooling: No
* Flextouch: Yes
* 3F scan initiated directly on scanner: Yes
* Light condensator: No
* Dimensions: 230x390x650 mm
* Weight: 20,5 kg

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Sis. User Manual and FlexColor CD, Flexcolor Essentials (training CD), Org. Holder 24x36 + 36x24, Org. Holder 4"x5", Org. Holder 6x6/6x4,5, Power Unit excl. of cable, Firewire cable, Tool Kit

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