HPRC 1100 - For Memory Cards

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The HPRC 1100M Case (Black) is a crushproof, watertight case which can contain a universal card holder interior for holding two CF memory cards or up to six SD, miniSD, Memory Stick or XD memory cards.

- It can be also purchasable empty.

- It is made of TTX01 plastic resin compound that is used in all HPRC cases to deliver military-grade durability and watertight protection.

- TTX01 polypropylene resin case with a rubber lining made with an open design for memory cards.

- Temperature rating is -40° F to +176° F

- Durability and waterproof ratings are STANAG 4280, DS 81-41, ATA 300 and IP 67

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internal dimension  57x58x25,5(mm) - 2.24x2.28x1.00(in)
external dimension 69x80x32(mm) - 2.72x3.15x1.26(in)
lid: 12,8(mm) - 0.50(in) bottom: 12,7(mm) - 0.50(in)

empty: 0,04kg - 0.09lbs

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