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  • LEE Bug 3+ Action Kit
  • LEE Bug 3+ Action Kit
  • LEE Bug 3+ Action Kit
  • LEE Bug 3+ Action Kit
Lee Filters

LEE Bug 3+ Action Kit

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Capable of capturing high definition movies and still images where other cameras fear to tread, it's not surprising the GoPro has an avid following among adventure sports aficionados.

The LEE Bug for GoPro gives photographers and filmmakers even wider scope for creativity and control with a sturdy holder and a range of high quality, optically correct filters.
Give your action films a professional look with detailed skies and saturated colour.

The 3-Stop ND Grad will add detail to the sky and prevent "whiteout" or "burnout". The filter can be left in place for pretty much all outdoor filming and the effects are plain to see.

The Polariser is especially helpful when filming on snow or water. It will reduce glare and increase contrast, saturating colour and adding a "popping" vibrancy to your films.

LEE Bug holder for GoPro HERO3+ • 0.9 ND Grad (3 Stops) • High quality glass polariser • Protective pouch • Cleaning cloth.
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