Lupo DayLED 1000 Dual Color

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The fixture can be set continuously to any color temperature from 3200 °K to 5600 °K rotating the knob, according to the needs of the different shooting condition.

The luminous intensity and the color temperature of DAYLED 1000 DUAL COLOR can be adjusted by the local Dimmer, placed on board the illuminator or remotely via DMX control.

In the manual adjustment, the digital display in the fixture allows to visualize the luminous intensity and color temperature at which the light is set.

The DAYLED 1000 DUAL COLOR can be powered by mains or with light and compact Li-ion batteries.

The extreme lightweight (just 3.5 kg weight), along with the possibility to be powered with battery and to vary the color temperature according to the needs of the different shooting conditions, make them particularly suitable, besides the use in video and TV studios, to an outdoor usage (interviews, production etc.).

110W variable CCT COB LED with ‘True colors’ technology

  • Instant restrike
  • Barn doors: 4 rotating included
  • Long life of the LEDs
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