Lupo DayLED 2000 Dual Color

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Valaisimessa portaaton tehon- ja värilämpötilan säätö.

The DAYLED 2000 units are the revolutionary LED fixtures with Fresnel lens with high color rendering and high luminous efficiency. They are very powerful and versatile.

Powered by a Powerled of just 220W they generate a luminous output equivalent to approximately 2000W. The precise mechanism with Fresnel lens which they are equipped with, allows to control the light beam from spot to flood to adapt to the different shooting needs.

The DAYLED 2000, thanks to the unique LED COB technology “True colors”, has a perfect color rendering, featuring a cast free beam. This fundamental and exclusive feature allows to avoid post-production interventions and a correct mixing with other light sources (like the sunlight).

The luminous intensity of the DAYLED 2000 can be adjusted with the local dimmer, placed on board the fixture or remotely via DMX control.

In the manual adjustment, the digital display built in the fixture allows to visualize the luminous intensity at which the light is set.

The units can be powered by mains or with practical and compact Li-ion batteries.

The impressive light output and the extreme lightweight (weight is just 4.8 kg), along with the possibility to be powered with battery, make them particularly versatile and suitable for different types of photo and video shooting: ceremony, portraiture, fashion, decor and still life.

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