Peak 2026-20x microfilm viewer

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Peak Hand-Viewer 8X is a high quality magnifier with a handle of film insertion part added. The 2-group 3-element lens covers the entire frame of 35 mm film by compensating spherical aberration in spite of compara­tively high magnification, thereby making Peak Hand-Viewer 8X suitable for viewing not only general-use film but also microfilm and X-ray film. A scale of 30 mm with a pitch of 1 mm is photoengraved at the lower edge of skirt and the scale image appears on the viewer without obstructing the field of view.

Peak microfilm Viewer is a portable viewer which ensures easy and ac­curate reading of the aperture card and microfiche by means of optical supreme ability. A set of this viewer and film will make it possible to utilize and convey rich information anytime anywhere. 15X and 20X viewer are available.

Both types have their lens aberration corrected over the entire field of view and are designed not to fatigue your eyes for long time use. They are also equipped with a focusing ring. With the light admitting ap­erture, excellent observation can be made.

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