Peak 2026-8x hand-viewer

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The Peak 8x Microfilm magnifier is the successor of the Peak 2018 magnifier with 8x magnification, a hand-held viewer for inserting film or microfiche. The lense, consisting of 2 groups of three elements, covers the entire field of view for 35 mm film and compensates for spherical aberration in spite of the relatively strong magnification factor. This means that the Peak 2026-8 magnifier with 8x magnification is suitable for viewing microfilms and X-rays in addition to normal films.

An intelligent feature prevents damage to the film when inserting and the combination of clear lens and transparent window ensures that the film can be viewed without special auxiliary illumination. The transparent acrylic base has a 30 mm long photo-mechanically engraved scale with graduations of 1 mm, which is reproduced without restricting the field of view, allowing the magnifier to effectively fulfill its purpose.

Magnification factor 8 x
Focusable Yes
Field of view 24 x 36 mm
Scale Yes
Incrementation 1 mm
Optical characteristics Achromatic, distortion-free
Dimensions 138 x 46 x 53 mm
Weight 92 grams
Case included
Country of manufacture Japan
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