Peak 2035 I head lupe 2.2x

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The Peak Head Loupe I is an extremely lightweight head-loupe and permits bright, wide and 3-dimensional views by two angle lenses suitable for eyes. A person wearing glasses can use this loupe with their glasses on. This loupe is easily attached/detached by a magic-tape headband, allowing users to use both their hands freely.

The 2035I Head Loupe, equipped with a magnifying power of 2.2x, can be used for even more precise inspection by adding another pair of enclosed angle lenses which provide a magnifying power of 3.3x.

Superior functions of this loupe are best suited for such operations as professional precision processing, photoengraving, photography; and this loupe also serves in hobbies of model assembling, engraving and precision drawing.

The working distance is approximately 50mm.

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