Peak 2052 3x scale lupe

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This special measuring magnifier Peak 2052 consists of a pivoting aplanatic lens (distortion-free image all the way to edge), a holder and a solid metal housing. The Peak 2052 stand magnifier has a metal base with scale having 0.1mm increments and integrated cross-hairs, which can also be turned. This design allows a wide functional area for observation. The lens can be turned 360° allowing retouching work to also be accomplished below it, for example. For highest test requirements (e.g. finger prints) or very fine work requiring good imaging characteristics.

The aplanatic lens systems consists of two plano-convex lenses, arranged with their curved (convex) surfaces toward one another to obtain a distortion-free image with sharp edges. These plano-convex lenses are produced primarily of glass. Aplanatic lens systems are used in magnifiers with excellent imaging characteristics al the way to the edge. Such magnifiers differ from “standard” magnifiers in terms of their bi-convex lenses, which provide significantly better imaging properties, because the aberrations usually present in the edges area are eliminated completely.

Magnification factor 3 x
Focusable Yes
Field of view 65 mm.
Measuring length 54 mm.
Scale 0.1 mm.
Optical characteristics Aplanatic, distortion-free
Dimensions 76 x 105 x 96 mm
Weight 378 grams
Case included
Standard scale included as standard feature
Country of manufacture Japan
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