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Käytetty radiolähetin Sonylle uudenveroisessa kunnossa. Hinta sis. alv.24%.

TTL control for Profoto AirTTL flashes
Place the Air Remote TTL-S on your Sony camera hotshoe and merge your camera with your Profoto AirTTL flash. Then point and shoot and let the flash automatically adjust the light output for a perfect exposure. It could not be easier.

Remote control for Profoto Air flashes
With the Air Remote TTL-S you can remote control multiple Profoto Air flashes directly from your camera. You can control an endless number of lights in up to 3 groups from up to 300 m (1,000 ft) away.

Fast and reliable flash sync
Air is one of the most reliable wireless systems available to sync your flashes with your camera. It is also fast enough to provide a perfect flash sync down to the fastest X-sync speed of your camera. If you are using Profoto Air flashes no external receiver is required.

A wireless system with a wide
range of options

Air Remote TTL-S is an integrated part of a wide range of Air products. The range of products within the system comprises camera transceivers, accessory cables and software solutions. All designed to offer a better wireless solution for professional photographers.

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