Profoto Clic Magnum

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The new Clic Magnum was designed to bring out the optimal power of the Profoto A-series flashes. The magnetic mount offers you the fastest way of throwing light over long distances. With the additional 1.8 f-stops effective light output, you reach further without being overpowered by natural light.

Combined with the Profoto A2, Clic Magnum narrows the beam angle from 62 to 37 degrees. If you want to go more narrow, 20 degrees, simply attach the belonging grid to Clic Magnum. Pack it down in the protective case and head out.

    • Compatible with Profoto A-series flashes
    • Comes with a protective case
    • Magnetic Clic mount
    • Creates an even smooth fall-off
    • Up to 1.8 f-stops added light output
    • Grid included
Width 13 cm
Height 12 cm
Length 13 cm
Weight 0.42 kg
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