Profoto Clic Softbox 2.7 Octa (80cm)

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The new Clic Softbox Octa generates a soft and flattering light ideal for portraits, flat-lay, and still life/product photography with the Profoto A-range flashes. 

Immerse your subject in a soft light spread with Clic Softbox 2.7’ (80cm) Octa. As a rule of thumb, the larger the softbox is, the softer the light becomes. With your Profoto A-range flashes, use your softbox for portraits, flat-lay, and product photography. 

Clic Softbox Octa is made for portability; the quick fold/unfold solution, integrated handle for stands, the magnetic mount, and the neat bag it is delivered in make it ideal for shoots on the go and on location. Use it in any number of combinations with the other Clic light-shaping tools. 

    • Magnetic Mount for easy set-up
    • Creates a soft and flattering light.​ 
    • Integrated handle & stand adapter. 
    • Compatible with other Clic light shaping tools
    • Compact and lightweight.​ 
    • Delivered in a labeled soft bag.​ 
Width 16.5 cm
Height 6.5 cm
Length 65 cm
Weight 1 kg
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