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Experience light-shaping accuracy with a high-quality Fresnel lens and built-in iris, perfect for lighting cinematic scenes.

This medium-sized Fresnel lens soaks your scenes in cinematic light that mimics the sun. The Fresnel Small gives you a crisp, clean light beam and with the built-in adjustable iris, you can control the light with accuracy and precision. Adjust the iris to achieve balanced light over distances or sharp contrasts, and trust that dramatic effects will follow. In addition, the vented housing and robust engineering make Fresnel Small stand the test of time.

The Fresnel Small is compatible with both flat and protruded flash heads. For the B10-series lights, we recommend using it with a stand adapter (100760, bought separately) for stability.


• Projects a clean, crisp beam of light
• Comes with a high-quality 200 mm Fresnel lens
• Built-in iris for easily adjusted beam angle
• Designed for years of everyday use
• Compatible with both protruded and flat light heads
• Stand adapter can be bought separately
Leveys: 54cm
Korkeus: 33cm
Pituus: 38cm
Paino: 4,5kg
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