Profoto Softbox RFi 1x6´+ speedring + grid - used equipment

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Used 30x180cm softbox in mint condition. Incl. Profoto speedring and softgrid. Price incl.VAT 24%.

The Strip RFi is often used as a distinct rim light that effectively separates the subject from the background. You can tell how suitable it is for this purpose by just looking at it!

The Strip RFi is also favored by product photographers requiring a long and narrow reflection with soft edges. Take a closer look at a car ad or a photo of a wine bottle. It might very well be the Strip RFi you see reflecting in that shiny surface.

In addition, the Strip RFi is a great asset when you are shooting in a confined area. It occupies very little space, and its narrow shape allows you to put it right next to a wall to create a soft and even back light.

The RFi softboxes are compatible to more than 20 different flash brands through a wide range of speedring adapters.

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