Profoto TeleZoom Reflector White

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The TeleZoom Reflector White is an advantage in scenes that benefit from deep light or when you need to stretch light evenly over long distances. The deep shape and white-coated interior create a soft, directed light with a smooth fall-off. Increase the light output and easily adjust the light spread with Profoto Zoom functionality to shape the light according to your vision. The white TeleZoom reflector is compatible both with protruded and flat-fronted lights, making it a versatile light-shaping tool.


• White-coated interior
• Adjustable light spread with Profoto Zoom functionality
• Pair with additional accessories for expanded versatility
• Designed for years of professional use
• Compatible with both protruded and flat front lights
Width: 37cm
Height: 46cm
Lenght: 37cm
Weight: 2kg
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