Profoto OCF Speedring

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The OCF Speedring is a speedring designed for fast and easy on-location photography.
The OCF Speedring is used for mounting an OCF Softbox on your off-camera flash. It is not your everyday speedring, though. Not only is it more compact and lightweight, but the patent-pending design allows you to snap on the softbox without having to bend and fumble with the rods, while the clever color-codes show you exactly how to assemble the unit.

The classic Profoto rubber collar and clasp makes it easy to mount the OCF Speedring on the off-camera flash.


- Allow you to mount an OCF Softbox on any Profoto Off-Camera Flash.
- Patent-pending design allows you to snap on the softbox incredibly fast and easy.
- Color-coded holes for fast and easy setup.
- Compact and lightweight.
- The classic Profoto rubber collar allows you to rotate the speedring and softbox 360°.
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