Profoto Umbrella Deep Translucent XL (165cm)

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Hinta: 409,00 40900
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Deeper shape for a broader range of possibilities.

Extra large umbrellas are popular among portrait, people and fashion photographers. They create a smooth but yet distinctive light that allows the user to illuminate an entire person or even small groups with just a single light source. The deeper shape gives the photographer better control of the light spread. It also allows the photographer to focus and shape light by simply sliding the umbrella shaft in its holder. In addition, the strong glass fiber rods make the Umbrella Deep remarkably reliable and sturdy. It is available in three versions: Silver, White and Translucent. Shoot through the translucent version to create a diffused light with softer shadows. Also, try combining it with hard reflectors to create new and different effects.

- Large light source that creates a soft and even light spread.
- Deeper shape for better control and precise light shaping.
- 16 glass fiber rods for a rounder shape and a more even light spread.
- Heat resistant, high-quality materials.
- Surface treated metallic elements to prevent rust and discoloration.
- Optional Backpanel available for a softbox-like effect.
- Delivered with a high-quality bag that protects the umbrella during storage.

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