Sunbounce Micro-Mini Kit Z/W - käytetty laite

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Käytetty kokoontaitettava heijastin uudenveroisessa kunnossa. Sis. heijastinkehys, heijastinkangas valkoinen/zebre, suojapussi. Hinta sis.alv. 24%.

The amazing little reflector that puts flimsy round pop-up reflectors to shame. No longer will you have to fight to find the sweet spot, or watch as your reflector folds up in the wind. The perfect reflector for portraits and small objects - in the studio or outside. Also works amazingly when you add a Sunbounce Flash Bracket to attach your speedlight for apeing that natural light.

This patented, three-dimensional and collapsible frame is super light and extremely stable. The modular system allows you to combine every frame with the appropriate screen, making it a reflector, diffuser, or light blocker (shade). These special frames, made by hand from anodized aluminum, can be collapsed in seconds to fit into an approx. 6-8cm diameter bag. Screen In combination with our patented frame, the screen is stretched as taught as a drumhead, which guarantees reliably consistent light and no flickering.

This is our most popular Screen. The Zebra/White fabric reflects light 400 degrees Kelvin warmer. So if you start at 5000 Kelvin, you will reflect light that is 4600 degrees. So it is a very pleasant warming, not unlike an 81A filter on your camera. The surface is a herringbone pattern of silver and gold, and because of the way its made this pattern does not show up on the skin, no matter how close it is held.

Even though Zebra is less reflective than Silver if the reflective qualities are too much then one can use lace, tule or Bobbinet held in place by TUNING CLIPS. We find that Zebra outsells the other Screens two to one and we hear that this is mainly because everyone is trying to make that afternoon sunlight where ever they go. Zebra is the fabric that does just that. It also has a luminescent white on the backside which can be used for subtle reflections.

Technical details:

Weight: approx. 0,62kg
Total size: approx. 60x90cm
Size reflector surface: approx. 52x90cm
Colour: zebra, white
Material: Textil, Plastic, Aluminium

Scope of Delivery:  

Shoulder Sling Bag

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