Sunbounce Big Starter Kit

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Sis. heijastinkehys 180 x 245 cm, hopea/valkoinen heijastinkangas, grip head, tuning clips, kuljetuslaukku

SUN-BOUNCE BIG (6'x 8' = 180 x 245 cm) SILVER Super Saver Starter Kit -Frame 300-000 + Screen 000-310 + GRIP-HEAD 710-100 + TUNING-CLIPS 730-100 + CARRYING-Bag 780-100

This kit includes:
-1 Frame
-1 Screen
-1 Carrying Bag
-1 Grip Head for mounting to light stands
-Tuning Clips for attaching additional screens over top of the main screen

This patented, three-dimensional and collapsible frame is super light and extremely stable. The modular system allows you to combine every frame with the appropriate screen, making it a reflector, diffuser, or light blocker (shade). These special frames, made by hand from anodized aluminum, can be collapsed in seconds to fit into an approx. 6-8cm diameter bag. All Sunbounce items have a maximum length of 135cm. Thanks to the crossbar and clamp integrated into the frame, it can be held in many different ways - comfortably by hand or by attaching it to a tripod. Screen In combination with our patented frame, the screen is stretched as taught as a drumhead, which guarantees reliably consistent light and no flickering.

Silver gives you a neutral start point. For Film and Video this is very important because you can swing your color around in post production. For the still photographer the same is true. Silver is also our brightest and specular fabric and we have also heard the word “harsh” used when describing the light, but with SUNBOUNCE TUNING CLIPS you can simply clip fabrics like tulle and Bobbinet to tone down the surface. A single layer of tulle can be draped over the surface and locked onto the frame using TUNING CLIPS. This is in effect “tuning down” the surface much like you’d turn the power down on your strobe pack. And with a small bit of feathering the light, you can hit the right intensity for your image.

Silver is also great for accentuating detail. The highlights are crisp and sharp, so if you want to bring out the curve of a line, a dimple or some six pack stomach muscles, this will give that to you.

Finally, of all the SCREENS, Silver will give you distance. You can hit a subject further away with a Silver than any of our other fabrics. And this comes in handy when you want that SUN-BOUNCE MINI to cover five people when it’s really built for a couple. The Silver comes with a nice luminescent white on the backside which can be used for subtle reflections.

Technical details:

Weight: approx. 6,34kg
Total size: approx. 180x245cm
Size reflector surface: approx. 160x245cm  
Colour: silver, white
Material: Textil, Aluminium

Scope of Delivery:  

Shoulder Sling Bag

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