Sunbounce Mini heijastinkangas diffuusio -2/3

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SUN-BOUNCE - MINI - Screen translucent -2/3rd Stop (seamless)

This diffuser softens and reduces your light by approx. -2/3 f-stop (value measured directly behind the diffuser screen). The light/shadow contrast is optimally balanced, for example, you can now control runaway highlights, even in strongly-angled sun and the highest contrasts. You get an even base-light and can light from the shadows in portraits, for example, and achieve great image results. Or use a SUNBOUNCE reflector to create light accents, however desired. In any case, you can now have the lighting situation under control.

Technical details:

Weight: approx. 0,24kg
Total size: approx. 90x125cm
Size reflector surface: approx. 70x120cm
Colour: white
Material: Textil

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