Sunbounce Pro heijastinkangas diffuusio -2/3

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130 x 190 cm heijastinkangas
SUN-BOUNCE - PRO - Screen translucent -2/3rd (seamless)

DIFFUSION 2/3         
Our best selling diffusion SCREEN. Takes the highlight and wipes it. The direction of the light can not be determined, and a SUN-BOUNCE or strobe should be used to give some direction to the light. The images show are of Michael Greeco shooting a fashion shoot where he cuts the harsh overhead light using a SUN-SWATTER PRO with a 2/3rd SCREEN with a SUN-BOUNCE PRO giving an edge light and a strobe with a softbox giving the light direction. Available for all SUN-SCRIM, SUN-SWATTER and SUN-BOUNCE except the MIcro MINI.

The final image is beautifully balanced.

Technical details:

Weight: approx. 0,47kg
Total size: approx. 130x190cm
Size reflector surface: approx. 112x186cm
Colour: white
Material: Textil

Scope of Delivery:  

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