• Sunbounce Pro heijastinkangas kulta/valkoinen
  • Sunbounce Pro heijastinkangas kulta/valkoinen

Sunbounce Pro heijastinkangas kulta/valkoinen

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SUNBOUNCE - PRO - Screen gold/ white (seamless)

GOLD/ WHITE         
First off, your Kelvin is down 1200 degrees. We are talking from 5000 degrees to 3800 degrees. As we tell clients, great for Finland in the Winter. But really if you are dealing with overcast situations and you have a Kelvin of say 6000 as your starting point, then the Gold SCREEN makes sense.

This is not to say one can’t have creative license and make a scene look anyway they want, but we want you know where your starting from. Again it comes with a nice luminescent white on the backside which can be used for subtle reflections.

Technical details:

Weight: approx. 0,47kg
Total size: approx. 130x190cm
Size reflector surface: approx. 112x186cm  
Colour: gold, white
Material: Textil

Scope of Delivery:  


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