Sunbounce Sun-Swatter Kit Pro

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Hinta: 626,20
Määrä: kpl
Sis. heijastinkehys 130 x 190 cm, diffuusiokangas -2/3, grip head, tuning clips, boom stick, kuljetuslaukku

This Super Saver Starter Kit contains everything you need to get out and shoot. Comes standard with a -2/3 stop diffusion to eliminate unwanted shadows

This patented collapsible frame is super light and extremely stable. These special frames, made by hand from anodized aluminum, can be collapsed in seconds to fit into an aprrox. 3 - 4 inch diameter bag. All SUNBOUNCE items for the SUN SWATTER have a maximum length of 53 inch. The crossbar allows the product to be easily supported in many different ways, comfortably by hand or by attaching it to a tripod or light stand. This unique diffusor's stable aluminium construction resembles an open "U" and only has one crossbar.

This diffuser softens and reduces your light by approx. -2/3 f-stop (value measured directly behind the diffuser screen). The light/shadow contrast is optimally balanced, for example, you can now control runaway highlights, even in strongly-angled sun and the highest contrasts. You get an even base-light and can light from the shadows in portraits, for example, and achieve great image results. Or use a SUNBOUNCE reflector to create light accents, however desired. In any case, you can now have the lighting situation under control.

The extensible pole for the Sun Swatter brings shade to where it's needed.

The Sun Swatter 4x6 portable overhead diffusion screen eliminates harsh shadows on up to 3 people while still being able to move with your talent.

Technical details:

Weight: approx. 4,11kg
Total size: approx. 130x190cm
Colour: white
Material: Textil, Aluminium

Scope of Delivery:  

Shoulder Sling Bag

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