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TetherGuard Thread Mount Support

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Protect and relieve the stress on your ports and cables with the magnetic TetherGuard™ Thread Mount. Designed for secure magnetic locking or
magnetic breakaway, the TetherGuard will keep your cable connection secure and your ports and gear safe from damage.

TetherGuard Kits are the optimal solution for protecting and relieving the stress on your ports. The TetherGuard Thread Mount Support gives you the flexibility to connect to any ¼”-20 female threaded device, so you can work safely and securely. Enjoy peace of mind while safeguarding your expensive electronics during your most productive times.

Key Features and Specs:

- Secure, stabilize and protect cable.
- Create and maintain a reliable connection.
- Magnetic Breakaway Quick Release System for quick setup.
 -Mount to any cage, bracket, clamp, surface or adapter with a 1/4” – 20 female thread.
- Eliminate cable strain to prevent cable and port damage.
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