Visible Dust Zeeion FlexoNozzle Blower

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VisibleDust is proudly announcing the new dust removal product, Zeeion™ FlexoNozzle. It is specially engineered for delicate and sensitive procedures such as cleaning a sensor of your digital camera.

New Zeeion™ features Fexible Nozzle that reduces the possibility of stabbing the sensor as compared to straight nozzle.

Most other bulb blowers don’t have filters hence they act like dust magnets, picking up microscopic particles from the surrounding environment and ejecting them at high speeds onto the sensor surface, creating tiny holes and craters. Ultimately, this is the major cause of unknown sensor damage. Despite this, «filterless» bulb blowers are recommended by most manufacturers.

Zeeion™ FlexoNozzle has a patented design which includes dual (front and rear) filters to prevent sensor damage from ejecting microscopic particles. Our design creates a projectile free, clean air system.

Anti Static Property Silicon-RX is a unique compound used in construction of Zeeion™ FlexoNozzle blower to produce an anti static property. This advanced feature reduces the dust re-attachment to the surface by neutralizing the surface static charges.

Projectile Free Filters are placed at less than 20 microns size at both ends to prevent intake of particles such as sands and quartz found in everyday environment, resulting in a particle free air ejection.

Other advantages of Zeeion™ FlexoNozzle includes: standalone upright position and flexible nozzle that reduces the possibility of stabbing the sensor as compared to straight nozzle.

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