Manfrotto Salon 230 809

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Hinta: 3650,00 365000
Määrä: kpl
Just slightly lighter in construction, the Salon 230 has a 8cm diameter black anodised aluminium column with a working height of 221cm provided with an adjust-able counter-balanced sliding horizontal 80cm crossarm. The camera support platform allows movement in a solid angle of 360°. Large sized wheels in the heavy cast base and single pedal control facilitate easy positioning and quick, rock steady locking. The crossarm support casting features a built-in accessory tray 33x28cm. Supplied complete with camera support platform and counter-balanced crossarm.
arm length 80.0 cm

attaches by. 3/8'' screw attachment type

base dimensions W94 x D69cm - T-shape
Color black color
height 232.0 cm

load capacity with arm extended off-centre 13.0 kg

material steel base + aluminum column

maximum arm reach 47.0 cm
load capacity 15 kg
maximum height 221.0 cm
minimum height 57.0 cm
weight 64 kg
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